Pictures of many locations on the North Coast of California, including the giant redwoods, the national parks and towns in the Eel River Valley

All About Fortuna, the Friendly City!

Over 2,000 images of this wonderful Northern California place we call home.

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Legget Chandelier Tree.jpg
Legget Chandelier Tree17116 viewsA tree you can drive your car through! Visit for more information about the redwood trees. Photo courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Avenue of the Giants7207 viewsHere's where you can drive through the redwood forests. It is now a scenic alternate, but the "Redwood Highway" was the main (and only) way to drive to points south. Logging trucks loaded with these behemoths, one log to a truck, would jockey for space on the roads. Many trees near the pavement carry scars. Visit to learn more about the redwood trees.
Manzanita Lake, Lassen National Park6302 viewsManzanita Lake sits under the majestic shadow of Mt. Lassen in Lassen Volcanic National Park. This lake provides the visitor with easy access to prime stillwater fishing just inside the park entrance. Although not numerous, the lake has trophy size rainbow, brown and a few brook trout. The lake can be fished from shore, but is better fished from a small pram or kickboat or float tube. The lake is rich with insect life producing abundant hatches.
The gatling gun.jpg
The Gatling Gun5486 views
Train of Logs on Luffenholtz Trestle around 18904833 viewsEngine #11 - Oregon & Eureka Rail Road. Luffenholtz Creek is near Trinidad. This trestle, along with the town of Luffenholtz, burned to the ground in 1908 in a major Humboldt County forest fire. Many families lost their houses and all their possessions, barely escaping with their lives. Ericson Photograph Collection, Humboldt State University Library
Carson Mansion.jpg
Carson Mansion4494 viewsOne of the most written about, and photographed Victorian houses in California, and perhaps in the United States... more
Photo courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Avenue of the Giants.jpg
Avenue of the Giants4390 viewsVisit for more information about the redwood trees.
Photo courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Fishin' On the Bay4284 views
Budweiser Clydesdales Visit Fortuna4178 viewsThe Budweiser Clydesdales were in town for a special Fortuna show. Three large trucks rolled into town and set up shop in Rohner Park (more pictures). Within an hour they were ready, and the wagon and team made a large loop through town and rolled down Main Street, much to the surprise and delight of those who were not expecting them. The April shower (only a drizzle) didn't keep people away from the parade and there was also a lot of interest in watching the harnessing process. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Beltz
Legget Chandelier Tree2.jpg
Legget Chandelier Tree3975 viewsThe Drive-Through Tree in Leggett. Visit for more information about the redwood trees.
Photo courtesy of Hal Rattray.
Among the Redwoods3841 viewsThe Avenue of the Giants offers more than the majesty of towering redwoods. The 31-mile route also passes through several small hamlets that give a glimpse into the history of Humboldt County. The towns along the Avenue, once closely tied to the timber industry, now rely more on the tourists who come to see the redwoods, swim in the Eel River and visit Humboldt Redwoods State Park. more
Image courtesy of Precision Intermedia.
Aerial View of Fortuna ca 19963818 views
Cape Mendocino3688 viewsOff to the right and behind the camera is a Gibraltar-size rock just offshore from Cape Mendocino --- the farthest western point in the contiguous 48 states. It looks just as it must have when the Spanish explorer Vizcaino and his crew spotted it nearly 400 years ago. Today, on a bright day, chances are you'll spot several windsurfers maneuvering their boards not far from another large rock that, in silhouette, looks as if it must be the ghost of Admiral Dewey's flagship. Photo courtesy of Mark Brown.
Northern Spotted Owl3499 viewsAlthough this species is often referred to as a medium-sized owl, it ranks among the largest in North America. The average adult size is about 18 inches tall with a wing span of approximately 48 inches. They weigh between 17-29 ounces. The female is larger than the male.
As a result of declining habitat, there are 560 pairs in northern California. They may live as long as 10 years in the wild and up to 15-20 years in captivity. Northern spotted owls are typically found in old growth forests . Suitable spotted owl habitat includes old-growth forest areas with multi-layered canopies of trees that are high and open enough for the owls to fly between and underneath them. Preferred areas have large trees with broken tops, deformed limbs and large cavities, capable of supporting the owls´┐Ż nesting materials.
They enjoy a variety of prey, including flying squirrels, woodrats, mice and other small rodents. They also eat birds, insects and reptiles. These owls are very territorial and intolerant of habitat disturbance. Even though they do not migrate, they may shift their ranges in response to seasonal changes. Each pair needs a large amount of land for hunting and nesting. The biggest threat to the Northern spotted owl is loss of old growth forest habitat, as a result of logging and forest fragmentation. These threats are made even greater by natural disasters, such as fire, volcanic eruptions and wind storms.
Arcata Plaza3440 viewsThis picturesque town along Redwood Highway 101 is the home of Humboldt State University. A statue of President McKinley commands the center of the Plaza, a lovely spot to enjoy the atmosphere of this Redwood Forest community.
City of Arcata.
Arcata Eye Newspaper.
Aerial View of Fortuna ca 19993304 views
Benbow Inn3132 viewsJust minutes away from the breathtaking vistas of the Lost Coast and majestic old growth redwood forests along the Avenue of the Giants, the historic Benbow Inn (web site) is the perfect place to find total relaxation. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this world-class Tudor-style inn is known for exquisite fine dining, Old-World ambiance, and provides the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. This historic hotel is located on the banks of the Eel River. The beautiful Benbow Valley is within easy driving distance to the Wine Country, Mendocino County and San Francisco Bay Area.
Patrick's Point3129 views
Eel River Swimming Hole3073 views
Ewoks!3013 viewsFrom the Star Wars series, the redwoods made a great Ewok habitat.
The speeder bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi was filmed in the Six Rivers National Forest. The big battle sequences between the stormtroopers and Ewoks were filmed on private property in Smith River, CA. The area was logged soon after production of the film. The crew stayed at the nearby Ship Ashore Resort Motel which is now a Best Western.
Visit for more information about the redwood trees.
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